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babyinthecrib: Does anyone know which side the bag is being held by. To me it looks like the bottom? Dec 9, 2013 10:28:24 GMT -5
ssusa2010: Hello...I am a newbie to this forum but excited to be here. Can anyone tell me if a list of serial numbers is available for the missing ransom money? I am interested in obtaining this (or a copy) especially interested in the $10 1928 Gold certificate notes Feb 14, 2014 21:22:55 GMT -5
Michael: Hello and welcome to the Board. I've posted a copy of Walt Chrush's Ransom List in the Ransom Money thread. Check it out and feel free to post. BTW, (2) $10 were Federal Reserve but all of the rest were gold notes. Feb 14, 2014 23:00:17 GMT -5
ssusa2010: You are the best...I will check it out and very nice and excited to be on here.... Feb 15, 2014 10:05:15 GMT -5
romeo12: back on the board Jun 9, 2014 19:16:24 GMT -5
Michael: Good to see you're back Steve. Jun 9, 2014 19:24:08 GMT -5
romeo12: than mike hope all is well Jun 10, 2014 17:58:07 GMT -5
kate1: Question. Does anyone have any info about AM's illness from oxygen deprivation when she flew from Calif during her pregnancy? Wonder about the effects on the unborn baby? Jul 20, 2014 20:51:19 GMT -5
Michael: Hi Kate. From the claimed eyewitness accounts, she was taken to the hospital after the flight. Jul 21, 2014 6:44:20 GMT -5
kate1: Thank you. Wondered if there was any indication of damage toy he baby? Also do you know if the lindbergh family had small bone fragments removed from the museum? Jul 21, 2014 19:06:20 GMT -5
Michael: You're welcome. There's no "smoking gun" if that's what you are asking. And yes, the family removed the bone fragments from the NJSP Museum some time ago. Jul 22, 2014 16:19:00 GMT -5
kate1: Thanks! Jul 22, 2014 19:00:37 GMT -5
bobbyk: I've been collecting books on the Lindbergh Kidnapping for over fifty years. My children and grandchildren don't have any interest in the case, so I thought would offer to sell many of these rare books here, before offering them on Ebay. Here is a list of Sept 5, 2014 19:25:44 GMT -5
bobbyk: oldest and rarest with suggested prices: Crime and the Criminal by Dudley Shoenfeld $200), The Great Lindbergh Hullaabaloo by Laura Vitray ($200), Jasfie Tells All by John F. Condon ($250), True Story of Lindbergh Kidnapping by John Brant ($100), Sept 5, 2014 19:28:29 GMT -5 *
bobbyk: The Lindberghs: A Distinguished Family by P.J. O'Brien ($60), and many others. If interested E:Mail at krebs2@comcast.net Sept 5, 2014 19:58:22 GMT -5
romeo12: I should sell mine Sept 8, 2014 16:18:47 GMT -5
conkal49: Anyone know if Champ Atlee's book has been published yet? I haven't been able to find anything about it online. Sept 9, 2014 12:08:11 GMT -5
nancy: Can anyone tell me about Patrick and Helen Lane? They lived close to the Lindbergh's. What about Don Guinness? Dose anyone have pics of the Guinness station or the Lane home? Email me n.m.watkins@hotmail.com. thank you! Jan 8, 2015 13:34:19 GMT -5
Michael: Go to: http://lindberghkidnap.proboards.com/thread/727/who?page=1 We discuss the Lane's and Patrick's Statement is posted there. Jan 8, 2015 17:37:17 GMT -5
poppie66: News from the Smithsonian...http://www.fredericksburg.com/features/history/smithsonian-offers-close-look-at-spirit-of-st-louis-plane/article_95b30451-1ff0-50db-887c-d3e075061430.html Jan 20, 2015 9:43:58 GMT -5